Singapore’s Unusual Party Venues

Backyard @ Dempsey
The guys from Sideshow, who were responsible for all the cool performances at The Training Shed, have now moved their ad-hoc gigs here. Not surprising as this latest joint at Dempsey boasts the Shed’s similar easygoing vibe. Although
the next gig is unconfirmed, check out the live music performance by Cord & Chords every Friday from 7:30pm. Gather your buddies for a round of Carlsberg ($23 before 7:30pm, $29 after) as you take in the lush greenery and fun-filled atmosphere. While you’re at it, we highly recommend its Cajun Spiced Chicken ($12.30) for a quickie bite.

Still boasting lively music performances after a slight revamp a couple of months
back, the three-level bar started having Neverland exclusive parties (from 10:30pm), featuring regional dance and music acts from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. For the perfect concert experience, match the
thumping music with hearty grub such as TAb burger ($24) and TAb Hand-cut Fries ($8). After that, down signature cocktails like Charlie brown ($18), a smooth blend of peanut butter and vanilla ice cream, spiked with vodka.

Universal Studios
Bet you didn’t know that the popular theme park transforms itself every Saturday from 7pm for its newly launched Hollywood After Party. The weekly program includes live band performances from the likes of 53A, Common People, Today’s Special and enigma, plus spectacular fireworks from 9:30pm. entrance fee is $20 and includes one drink voucher. Top up $15 for all you can eat with a choice of party bites, snacks, nachos, pizza and hot dogs. For free-flow drinks, including Tiger beer, cocktails and mocktails, just add another $13.