Upclose with Tiga

Tiga James Sontag, or simply Tiga, has not aged in terms of music, although he’s fast approaching 40. His tunes are consistent with his preferred choice of soundscape: Exuberant electro bleeps with a techno charge. “I can’t and I won’t,” was all the DJ could say when asked to define his sound. Raised in Montreal, Tiga was involved in rave-party promotion duties as early as the 90s. From helping set-up world-renowned club SONA to opening his own record store DNA Records in 1994, the all-rounder has literally, been there, done that. “I liked the fact that the scene back then was less musical, more open, more energy and fewer words. My real love affair (with dance music) started in 1992, right around the time Freejack came out.” Yes, the man is referring to the science fiction movie starring Mick Jagger.

In 1998, he founded the label Turbo Recordings, currently housing a stellar cast of heavyweights like 2ManyDjs, Felix The House Cat, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, Seth Troxler and Zombie Nation (and that’s just half of them). “It has stayed quite true to the original idea—music I love, with nice artwork—but it has also evolved quite a lot in terms of networking and promotions,” he says with regards to the label’s growth.

“I would like to make a law that limits Internet use to one hour per day,” he says of the current state of dwindling music sales. “And I would like to be the public face of getting that law passed. I think people would love me for it.” That said, he is quick to add that although technological advances have disadvantageous, music in its entirety has gotten groovier. “I think it’s pretty healthy. And the current state of healthy music? More danceable than ever!”

“(A perfect set is) one that makes the most out of the records. One where you don’t know a single tune, but they are all amazing. A set where strange records make sense. A set where sensible records make strangers pregnant with energy,” he adds. Something to look out for when he dishes the groove at Zouk.

Rev it up with Tiga during the F1 weekender on Sep 25. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St. 6738-2988. $35 includes two drinks.