Velvet Underground’s 12th Anniversary Party

The posh and classy Velvet Underground hits 12. Inspired by the number 12, the party people at Zouk will take things to a high with the zodiac signs of both East and West. So look forward to decorations and programs revolving around constellations, divinations, and mysteries.
“‘Gods’ and ‘goddesses’ will share what’s written in the stars for you. There will also be free flow of nectar and an assortment of magical characters out to enchant. There will be the signature velvet sound—warm, deep, lush and effortlessly mixed together by residents Jeremy Boon and Brendon P.,” reveals Tracy Phillips, Zouk’s marketing manager. “This year’s celebration will be just as opulent as the last, but like always, tongue-in-cheek.”
Does she personally believe in predictions, astrology and the stars, or is it all just groundless superstition? “I believe in some methods of divination. I think we all come into the world with certain energies that relate to our moment of birth and this information can be interpreted by someone trained to do so. The readings have to be understood in context though,” Phillips quips.
Regardless of the status of zodiac signs in our lives, you are assured of a good time in the Velvet Underground’s 12th Anniversary party. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be magical, with intriguing programs and music lined up to make you feel absolutely divine.