Where to Drink Slushie Cocktails in Singapore

Mango Mezcal Margarita
Comprising Peloton mezcal, mango juice, lime and sugar, this frozen cocktail is dispensed from an old school slushie machine. Beverage manager at Pistola Hannah Waters says, “You just mix the drink up in a bucket—the machine does all the churning for you—and couple of hours later you have 10-11 drinks.”

$14 at Pistola

Rockmelon + Orange + Nigori Sake + Hendrick’s Gin
This fruity tipple incorporates smooth rockmelon sorbet made with a hi-tech Pacojet machine. It’s mixed with sweet unfiltered nigori sake and Hendrick’s gin for a real kick.

$20 at The Naked Finn

Salted Caramel Martini
Häagen-Dazs salted caramel ice cream is enriched with French caramel toffee liqueur and spiked with Grey Goose vodka for this rich glassful. A layer of Himalayan pink salt foam prevents the whole thing from being cloying. Sip it up quick as this limited-edition cocktail is only on offer till the end of May. 

$25 at Maison Ikkoku