Where to Enjoy Tea Cocktails in Singapore

2 Months OffWe’re suckers for this gem of a cocktail, made with strongly steeped English Breakfast tea. It’s tempered with agave syrup and tangy lemon juice, uplifted with fresh mint, and spiked with Havana white rum over lots of ice. Translation: a fine drink that’s an irresistible combination of sweet and sour, with a pleasant tea aftertaste for balance.$14 from Broadcast HQ.Festivi-TeaTheir Tea Cup Cocktail Collection presents several concoctions, but there’s something about sipping on this chilled T2 black tea-infused drink that makes us feel like Christmas has come early. It might have something to do with the delightful notes of berries, cinnamon and cloves, plus Canadian Club whisky for kick.$15 per teacup, or $45 per pot (fills four teacups) from Speakeasy.Eastern SpiceA spicy little number that calls on the powers of Bombay Sapphire East, chili umeshu and chili padi. But the not-sosecret weapon is the signature KU DÉ TA tea—a floral oolong enhanced with ginger, peaches and even pink peppercorns—specially blended by local tea company Gryphon, that really gives it its edge.$20 from KU DÉ TA.