Where to Find Modern Versions of the Old Fashioned Cocktail in Singapore

Rolling Fog Over Mt. Fuji
Look past the silly-sounding name and you’ll find a tipple that’s as close as it gets to a traditional Old Fashioned, without being quite so, well, old fashioned. A homage to Mount Fuji—the hand-carved ice is shaped like its moniker—with a good glug of smooth 12-year-old Nikka Yoichi Japanese single malt (but of course), tangy lemon juice and Aperol for sweetness and hints of bitter orange.
$26 from CUT

Cinnamon & Grapefruit Old Fashioned
This number’s a great combination of old and new school, coupling classic American bourbon from Maker’s Mark with homemade cinnamon and maraschino cherry syrup. The caramel and vanilla flavors play off the spiced sweetness wonderfully, while a dash of Angostura bitters and tart grapefruit zest keep it balanced.
$18 from Lucky 13

Ron Zacapa Old Fashioned
Fine, so it’s not made with whiskey or brandy, but that’s the twist. An interpretation that’s geared for those with a bit of a sweet tooth, the rich flavor of the 23-year-old Guatemalan rum is accentuated with chocolate bitters, orange peels dipped in dark chocolate and demerara sugar—quite the ideal nightcap and can even serve as dessert (whatever excuse you need to have another).
$30 from Néktar