Where to Get Digestif Cocktails

Available off-the-menu as a custom­ized order, this classic is made using Johnny Drum Kentucky Bourbon, plus rye whisky and vermouth. The high alcohol glassful’s just the ticket after a hearty American meal. “Digestives were originally made with Ameri­can whiskies—rye or bourbons, which give differ­ent flavors,” says The Black Swan’s beverage manager Kamil Foltan. “Aro­matic drinks—like negronis, martinis, Old Fashioneds and Manhattans—consist of spirit, vermouth and bitters; all of which help with digestion.”
From $18 at The Black Swan.

Ca Phe Sua Da #2
Spiked coffee’s a customary closer to a big feast. Com­prising Vietnam­ese coffee, VSOP cognac, amaro and agave nectar, this bittersweet sip is an update on the tradi­tion. It works as a potent and effective palate cleanser.
$21 at Ding Dong.

Silky Road in Summer
Served piping hot, this warming mug of ginger milk spiked with rum can sooth even the most overstuffed belly.
$22 at LÈ Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar.