Speakeasy’s Delamotte magnums: Artisan Champagne at mass-market prices

What’s with the Delamotte magnums around town? Not that we’re complaining: It’s not just lovely but also—shhhh!—one of the best buys in Champagne (small producer at mass-market prices). We just got word that Speakeasy is now doing $200 nett magnums (click here for details); $240 and they’ll include a couple of Sri Lankan set brunches on Saturday. If you’re thinking “but $200 is a lot of happy hour Tigers,” remember that a magnum is double the size of a normal bottle, around 15 glasses (OK, as few as five servings if you’re filling them to the rim…and using coffee mugs), which is a heckuva lot of bubbly goodness for the price…Our secret spot for Delamotte in da big bottle, by the way, has been &MADE—$156 last time we checked.