Taberna’s relaunch: Give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish

Taberna’s relaunched and now it’s not just a wine store, it’s also a school, which is fantastic news if you’re of the “teach a man to fish” school of thought. Their new Introduction to Wine Appreciation courses run on Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday evenings (6:30pm to 8:30pm) and go for a $100 a pop. The next few dates are November 28, December 2 and December 4.

Open to the public, the classes teach the basics of using sight, smell and taste in wine tasting. Throw back eight vinos per session: a sparkling wine, two dry white wines, one dry red wine, a rosé, a sweet white wine and a fortified white and red.

Ki-Hoon Teh, Finance and Strategy Manager at Taberna says, “Right from the start, Taberna was designed as a place where customers could learn about wine from its reference library of books, by tasting from the broad wine list and by attending tastings held in the classroom. However, it took a while to finalise the wine school concept and build the infrastructure for courses.”

The class size is set at 15 pax. But if you make special arrangements, sessions can be organised for groups up to thirty persons. The lessons are either conducted by the chief instructor, Tan Ying Hsien or assistant instructors Melanie Poupart and Yasser Mohamed. At the end of a course, you get a Taberna Wine Academy Certificate.

Call the folks at Taberna at 6762-5570 or email [email protected] to join in the workshops.