Where Singapore Concierge: Heart-to-heart at Mansion Bay

At least once a month, we hold a Where Singapore Concierge event; a chance for us to mix and mingle with hospitality staff, to share with them what’s going on around town and to hear from them what their guests are interested in. It helps make Where (already Singapore’s leading visitor title) an even more kick-ass publication!

For the most recent edition, we popped by new night spot Mansion Bay at The Esplanade and took full advantage of the breezy evening and outdoor balcony area. It’s a cozy spot and the perfect location for people watching. (The open bar helped, too!)

These events aren’t stuffy namecard swapping affairs. We played some snooker, and chatted over drinks (you can see some pictures here). It probably goes with the territory, but hospitality folk (from GMs and concierges on down) are a friendly lot. And thankfully, they only had good stuff to say. The one gripe they had was that the mag might soon make their jobs obsolete. “Once we give guests the magazine, they don’t come back to us anymore, all the info is already in there,” said one hotel veteran, though of course that might just have been the drink talking! Here’s to our next event.

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