Machicon 101

Here’s what you need to know about Japanese dating event Machicon:

  • Basically, it’s a three-stage buffet. You hit three (out of nine) restaurants/bars at different points of the night and graze on food and drinks like red wine with Coke.
  • The people attending these are mostly Japanese expats. Their English isn’t great. They seem more keen on making friends in the Japanese community than getting to know single and eligible Singaporean ladies.
  • Sure, there are a couple of salarymen, but most of the rest are good looking, stylish, and look like they’re in creative industries. No office rats in backpacks!
  • First-come, first-serve: if you get there late, you won’t have your pick of who to sit across/next to, and you’ll be doomed to cast your eyes repeatedly at hot guys mere seats away, only to hastily avert your gaze as you realize the girls sitting around them have already staked their claim.
  • One of the facilitators claims to have participated in swingers’ orgies.
  • Only one guy fled from us in terror. Progress!

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