CHAT: CC Sound Factory

Singapore-born New York-based Shi-Shi makes up the one-woman band of CC Sound Factory. She shares with us about her music and passion ahead of her gig at Amnesia Ibiza.
How did you come up with your artist name?
Well CC’s actually a translation to English of my Chinese name (pronounced “Shi” “Shi” in Chinese) and “Sound Factory”, partly ‘cos of the legendary New York club “Sound Factory” and partly ‘cos I do aim to be one, a sound factory, that is.
How do you describe your music to people?
Experimental electronica at its danciest? Electronica rock? Indie dance? These are actually how my music has been described before in reviews and interviews. Oh and someone also said I was a “complete mix of Moby and Bjork”. Personally I feel my music changes all the time, so I try not to put a tag on it. Most of the music I’ve released has got a groove to it, and I’m mostly known for dance, but I’ve also written tons of angsty experimental ballads that I may one day release separately. Probably call them my “Closet Songs”.
You’re a producer, DJ, singer, musician. Which aspect defines you the most?
I really, really love music very much and each one of these aspects is very important to me in making music. That said, I must add that producing and composing holds a special place in my heart because that is where I first start the process. When everything comes together, each sound, each progression, that sense of satisfaction and euphoria you feel is unbelievable…. I also love performing (deejay, sing or play) to the audience because music is such a great communicator and when everyone is grooving to the same beat, that feeling of one-ness is just amazing!
What can we expect from your upcoming gig at Amnesia Ibiza?
Loads and loads of groove and energy of course! This is Amnesia Ibiza we’re talking about and when people go for an Amnesia gig, they wanna dance hard! My set will be a ‘live’ DJ set, meaning I will be incorporating live elements into my DJ set, singing/keyboards etc. I will also be performing my upcoming summer release “I wanna b like Moby”, should be a lot of fun!
Don’t miss the energetic CC Sound Factory at Amnesia Ibiza on Mar 30, 10pm. Azzura, 46 Siloso Beach Walk, 6270-8003. $48.00-68.00.