CHAT: Ferry Corsten

For more than two decades, the Dutch trance DJ has been at the forefront of electronic dance music and has help led the emphatic rise of the genre through his chart-topping releases. I caught up with the iconic superstar before his much anticipated Once Upon A Night Asia Tour II at Zouk.

How has the year been for you?
It’s been one of my best years so far. I released not one but two compilations. We started a new series in March and the reactions were so good we did another one in October. Furthermore I’ve been touring the globe the whole year, so it was hectic but very good.
Well, perhaps contrary to the first leg of your US tour.
It was the most horrible and dreadful flight I had when I started my US tour this summer. The French were on strike for the third time and because of that, I missed my connections. I ended up travelling for 32 hours and then having to play a four hour set right after I arrived …. that was tough!
It isn’t a breezy career to be in, is it?
The most challenging time is still now. It is a real challenge to keep reinventing myself and my sound. But I like a challenge! What’s your highlight this year? I think one of the most memorable was my Once Upon A Night: The Experience Show gig in Moscow earlier this month. It was the biggest “solo” show I’ve ever done for my compilation Once Upon A Night.
Ferry Corsten’s highlight of 2010?
I think one of the most memorable was my Once Upon A Night: The Experience Show in Moscow earlier this month. It was the biggest ‘solo’ show I’ve ever done for my compilation series Once Upon A Night.
With a stadium filled with ravers going absolutely mental.
That’s the most rewarding experience when thousands of people are singing along to my songs. For instance “Made of Love” is one that always does the trick!
I assume the appeal is thanks to your distinctive live sets.
It is a fusion between house and trance now. I can start my sets at 128 BPM nowadays and build up to 136 within 3 hours. It’s nice to see that house and trance are becoming more of the same.
Was there a particular DJ that inspired you to be on the decks?
I wouldn’t really want to name one particular artist, because it’s more a particular decade of music, which is the 80s. Some amazing stuff was produced then by the likes of Vangelis, Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa, to name a few.
That’s a long way back. So what’s new for you?
I am currently working on my new artist album which will see the light of day next year. So all the time I have is taken by this.
Has anything distracted you during your production process?
I have a beautiful daughter who just turned two and she’s my distraction. I am also looking forward to my snowboard vacation in the beginning of next year. I am a huge snowboard fan! First ride up and last one down.
We are really stoked to be hosting you again in Singapore!
I’ve been visiting Singapore for years already. I love the place! It’s a great melting pot of people and cultures. Everyone is so friendly and there’s always a great vibe in air. Great place to go back to every year.
And what can we expect this time around?
I’ll be playing a lot of tracks from Once Upon A Night vol. 1 and 2. So all fresh materials. I will also play some “Corsten Classics” and I know what my fans want to hear, so the vibe will most likely be crazy.
Experience the aural spectacle from the legendary DJ himself at Once Upon A Night: Asia Tour II on Christmas Day, Dec 25, 10pm. Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $30-35 inclusive of two drinks.