CHAT: Peter Kruder

Born and raised in the largest city of Austria, Vienna born Peter Kruder has amassed a following probably larger than the 1.7 million populated capital could even match up. Being one half of Kruder & Dorfmeister -you know, the guys who have made down-tempo tunes up-tempo-ish awesome- have garnered international respect in their 16 years of beat making. When Kruder isn’t part of K & D, he is seen partnering up with Christian Prommer and Roland Appel as Voom:Voom and extends his musical reaches through his aliases Peace Orchestra and PM 2 The K. The term “much-anticipated” has been used to low-brow affect but if you haven’t been to a Peter Kruder gig, you must come and experience his magical soundscape. I had a casual chat with Kruder before his gig (and that’s tonight, at Velvet Underground!)

The Law Of Return by peterkruder
Your musical influences back then was really different from the kind of music you play today.
When I started getting serious with music it was the hip hop productions of the late ‘80s that inspired me. Tribe Called Quest and The Jungle Brothers were very important to me as well as all the jazz and soul artists that they sampled.
And what’s your current groove like?
Everything deep and musical with a certain sexiness to it. That’s a huge jump from what you played before to house music. DJing at a professional level is always challenging as you need to deliver once you established an audience. The switch from playing down-tempo and drum & bass to mainly house music in the broadest sense -in retrospect- took quiet some time.
Though rewarding yes?
After all these years behind the decks its satisfying to know that you still can surprise people with music and take them on a journey.
And I know that you dislike a certain kind of journey that involves airports.
Endless waiting on airports (a horrible experience), but that’s happening every year…
So how has the year been for you?
A strong and very busy year. We had a successful K&D Live Tour throughout Europe and the US and a lot of other good things happened. Like my gig at the Panorama Bar in Berlin was the best place I DJed this year.
What’s new before the year ends?
I’m currently finishing a new Peace Orchestra album and also work on a secret mission.
A secret mission is always good!
And Shiatsu session and meditation every Mondays.
How has this city state been to you?
I’ve been a couple of times to Singapore and right from the beginning I really liked this city. Over the time I found some very kind and nice people there that I’m always very happy to see again.
And you’ll most definitely see them at Velvet Underground tonight.
The Velvet room at Zouk is one of my favorite clubs in the world so I’m always extra excited to play there. Be prepared for a deep and sexy session.
Magical tunes awaits the discerning few tonight at Velvet Underground, Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim St., 6738-2988. $28.00-35.00 includes two drinks.