The Thai born-German raised DJ has built up a tribe of underground fans for his ghetto-electro style–a combination of beat-bopping hip hop and the distorted fuzz and throbbing basslines of electro. Can’t go wrong with that on the dance floor.I caught up with the emerging DJ prior to his gig at Zirca.

TAI – Paradise Poltergeist ft. Steve Aoki by TAI
TAI, where did that name come from?
It is an Asian name. I am learning what it means in each Asian country I am traveling to. I heard it’s Chinese for “above” or something like that. But I was brought up in Koh Samui, Thailand for my first three years. So in Thailand my name means, “Free”.
Please tell me what it means in your country? It sounds like “Thai”, so I guess it means exactly that. So what’s your real name?
It is Tai (laughs). No seriously. This is the real name my mother gave me.
I heard your remix of Mason’s ‘Exceeder’. That sure murdered some dance floors.
Thank you very much. This song was like the first electro house commercial hit so it was an honor to lay my hands on it for the remix.

TAI – Beat Down by TAI
And your latest release “Beat Down” was a mighty beat-down indeed. What inspired the whole shebang?
Wow, I was in some Arab countries for a kind of camel race championship. The guys showed me this part of their culture in sports and whilst going to these races in the desert between sand, sand and more sand, I was collecting bits and pieces for, “Paradise Poltergeist”. Then Steve Aoki flew over from Hollywood to my studio in Germany to put his part to the song. We had a great after-party in the Mandarin Oriental with loads of people. The song “Beat Down” was produced in the Boys Noize’s studio with d.i.m. in Hamburg a year ago after producing his last single, “Kleine Träume”. And “Taibanga” is my tribute to the old French sampled house days. “Taibanga” was produced in the same session as the next d.i.m. & TAI single called “Glass” which has just been signed by Ed Banger, so both tracks have a similar vibe.

DIM & TAI – Lyposuct by TAI
You’ve released on high profile labels like Boys Noize, Southern Fried, Turbo, DIM MAK, MIXMASH and Greatstuff. How is it like working with different label heads, all asking for different stuff?
It’s nice to experience different labels and how they work on the one side. On the other you have to start from scratch with the promo and all that every time you release on a new label. I don’t really think about the label when I make music I am just happy to be in the studio. It is like my playground.
2010 had just passed. What was good?
It has been a very crazy busy year for me. Now I’m also producing electronic music as well as producing commercial hip hop records for German rap artists. I have also been doing advertising commercial music for the new BMW 6 convertible. Not to mention that I’ve also written and produced the music and lyrics to my first film, also in 2010. So I am looking forward to concentrate on my Elektro productions in 2011!
That sounds like some heavy stuff. Looks like it’s going to be a stellar year for you.
Well, I am on tour in Asia in January, then when I get back in February I am working on the next d.i.m. & TAI in Berlin and then I am going on tour to Australia to promote my new record, “Big Bass Drum” (release date Jan 22). My single, “Glass” will be released on Ed Banger as well. And then I will be working on my second EP. I have actually already finished the first song. It is called, “Omnicrack”.
And you are heading to Singapore soon. What can we expect?
A real Beat Down on the dance floor! You can’t imagine how I am looking forward to Singapore and see how the people are and how they party I want to eat loads of traditional food. Really looking forward to coming over from Hong Kong. See you in a few days. Thank you!
Prep for a smashing beat down with Tai on Jan 8, 10pm. Zirca, #01-02/05 Blk. C The Cannery, Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd, 6333-4168. $25.00-28.00 includes two drinks.