MUSIC: JNR’s New Mix

Velvet Underground’s JNR just did a new mix and it kinda departs from his usual disco-soul sound. He starts off on a funky tip before exploring deeper and darker territory but still keeping it soulful. We like.
We also managed to get a quick chat (upclose and raw) with the former model and MTV VJ. Enjoy

He lets us in on his musical influences:
“It’s all about my roots, and then I try to interpret my roots with modern flavours. I’d say Gil Scott Heron, Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder, Steve Arrington (Slave), Bill Curtis (Fatback Band), Questlove (The Roots). For some reason, I find inspiration in these drummers who are the glue that made their bands who they are, if not the brains behind it all. Maybe because as a DJ, I hope I can achieve that. Because I’m the beats too? I hope to have that some day. A band that I conceived and assembled with the right players… Then there’s my Rare Groove Divas – Chaka Khan, Gwen McCrae, Jocelyn Brown. DJ wise, Jeremy Boon has been a big influence. So it’s a real honor to work with him at Velvet. Brendon P also has been a huge influence in the Singapore scene. Devon Webbly, Jason Palma and Peter & Tyrone out of Toronto have been major influences on me as a DJ as well.”
His sound:
“At its heart, it’s soul, funk, rare groove and disco. But I translate those into modern sounds of deep house, nu-disco and tech house. If it’s techy, there’s gotta be a groove to it. I like this period of vagueness to my house sound. Meaning that it has a warm, organic, analog sound and it’s not glossy over-produced house. It’s house that you can’t tell if it was made in 1988, or in 2010. House that didn’t fall victim to any gimmicks or trends. Just proper house that makes you dance and feel good. And I want my sound to be music for those who really come to dance. Not tourists to the dancefloor. Though I’d like to convert some tourists into residents on the dance-floor.”
On the local club scene:
“I’m a bit saddened that with all the technology and connectivity that most people are more lazy than ever to dig for something deeper than the obvious. It’s at our fingertips literally, with all the smart phones out there. And as much as a generalization as this sounds, people still want accessible music. Just 10 years ago we were starved for information on what is hot in London, New York, Berlin, Ibiza, Tokyo… and we’d go to great lengths to find out. We’d buy expensive magazines, save up for trips to experience it, or have friends from abroad send us stuff – music, magz, clothing…Now they have Iphones and can download all the best music in the world, but they still want accessible music in the clubs? Let the DJs enrich you with new music. You might find you like something new. (By the way, by accessible I do mean cheesey)”
1. Kids – Original Mix – Butch
2. Jus Right (Jimpster Remix) – Josh Wink
3. Naked (Original Mix) – Aaron-Carl, Dyed Soundorom
4. Take V (Les Bijoux Remix) – Aleks Patz, Alex Caytas
5. Son Of Sunriver (Feygin Remix) – Tango & Cash
6. Out Of Control feat. Capitol A & Carla Prather –
7. Escape From The Madness feat. Robert Owens (Inland Knights Remix) – Rob Pearson, C-Soul
8. Lucky J – Mark Henning
9. Brooklyn Bridge – Amir
10. Once Upon A Rhyme feat. Jemeni (Melon Club Mix) – TJ Kong, Nuno Dos Santos
11. More (KINK remix) – Riva Starr, Starr Traxx, KINK
12. Each & Every Day (Life Goes On) (Rocco Underground Mix) – Jerk House Connection featuring Akram Sedkaoui
13. How Do I Let Go feat. K.T. Brooks (Charles Webster ‘s Deep Mix) – Dennis Ferrer