MUSIC: Hercules & Love Affair’s Blue Songs

If there ever was a dance act that really gets my butt shaking these past few years, it will certainly be Hercules & Love Affair. Andy Butler and crew, with their on-point house and disco releases truly brought back the much-missed house sound. 
Blazing a trial with the worldwide club smash “Blind”, Hercules & Love Affair’s self-titled debut garnered considerable critical and commercial acclaim. Named as the Breakthrough Album of the year in The New York Times and featuring in Pitchfork’s Top Ten albums of 2008. The group’s sophomore effort Blue Songs sees artistes like Venezuelan singer Aerea Negrot, fan-turned-collaborator Shaun Wright and Kele Okereke of Bloc Party taking turns to provide vocals to songs like “Painted Eyes”, “My House” and “Boy Blue”. 
Herc also released a new video for “My House”, turning back the musical clock and going retro. Some funny bits includes commercial breaks in between. Check out the new video of “My House” below.

Also, here’s my personal favorite track “Blind” with Frankie Knuckles on remix duties.