MUSIC: Is Techno Human After All?

Mention the word techno to most audiophiles here and chances are they’ll be describing you the hard-hitting machinations created by the likes of Kevin Saunderson, Richie Hawtin, Juan Atkins, and Derrick May.
Yes, techno. The product of Detroit. The music that spawned from the reverb of the Motor City’s former glory. For the most part, techno with its 120-150BPM that mimics the rigid droning of automatons is produced solely by machines. But is it possible to inject a human touch to it? Is it possible to replicate the spirit the Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder created almost three decades. 
In recent years, more artistes and producers are moving towards live instrumentation in techno with artists like And.ID, Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble and Nicolas Jaar leading the way. Of course, who cannot forget techno luminaries such as Carl Craig and Jeff Mills who have brought full orchestral sounds into their repertoire.
Here’s an article from The Guardian that talks about it.

 Above: Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

 Above: Carl Craig

Above: Jeff Mills

Above: Christian Prommer & Drum Lesson