REVIEW: Slash at Big Night Out Day 2

While the turnout for Slash in Big Night Out’s Day 2 was stronger and even more diverse (we had frail geriatrics in the audience) than that for Stone Temple Pilots in Day 1, we have a message for some in the seated areas: If you want to come to a rock concert, especially a Slash one, do not get front row seats and expect to stay seated to an unblocked view because everyone else around you will expect you to stand, and go crazy with the rest of them, as close up front as possible. This is a rock concert, not an opera. If you’re a huge Slash fan but are old, frail and cannot stand for most of the gig, claim disability and we’re sure the organizers will give you a better deal, possibly closer to the action, than having a seat way up there away from the band.
Towards the end of the concert, a number of rock fans had it with one of the spoilsports (who wasn’t old and frail) and a scuffle ensued. Security was quick to show up and all concerned were removed from the scene.
Party-poopers aside, if you’ve never seen Slash perform live and thought he’d be cold and aloof like so many rock stars of his caliber are, you’d be so wrong. He was jovial, warm and friendly with the audience, and when he spoke, he sounded more surfer-dude than snotty rock star. The band started off with songs off their latest album Slash, and all eyes were on Slash’s fingers as he worked solo after solo, weaving signatures of other legends like Jimi Hendrix in between. His take on the Godfather theme got everyone humming along to it.
Myles Kennedy delivered each song with that powerful arena rock voice of his, and was really warm with the crowd too. It seems, if you note the singers that Slash has worked with, that you’d need a good falsetto voice to qualify as a singer with Slash’s band. And when it came to bassist Todd Kerns’s turn to do lead vocals on “Doctor Alibi,” there was no exception; he greeted the crowd with a voice that implied an invisible hand was squeezing his crotch real tight.
They say the live experience is often better than what you get on CD, and this night is no exception. We were thrilled for the chance to witness Slash’s dexterous work on the axe in person, while wishing we had more time to practice and be as good as him. We’re glad that Slash loves playing in Singapore (having graced our shores just last August), and fans will be looking forward to him coming back soon in the near future.