SCENE: A Goose Named La Poire

We at I-S don’t do much flavored vodka. Yup, we prefer the pure stuff, straight up. So being discerning tipplers (Read: Liquor Snobs), we were curious about the new pear-flavored vodka that premium French label Grey Goose was launching at Naumi Hotel last night.
, SCENE: A Goose Named La Poire
What’s Grey Goose’s La Poire got going for it? One thing only: it doesn’t taste like a blend of cough syrup and swill. Seriously, other pear renditions from the different, SCENE: A Goose Named La Poire brands are just gawd awful; a very fake tasting flavor that burns the palate. Grey Goose La Poire, on the other hand, is delish. The essence of Anjou pears (see right) added to the vodka creates a nicely subtle flavor. It’s best drunk on the rocks with a sliced pear, with ice and sparkling water in a Collins glass or neat and chilled (really cold, ice cold) so avoid mixing it with cranberry juice or OJ.
Flair bartenders Bottle Flipz, Kenny Hong and Shah Dillon (anyone remember their OMG catastrophe on TV?) were on bar duties, and Shah did a little cocktail demo which you can watch below: