SCENE: I’ll ‘Trouse’ You!!!

Trouse (traʊz)

— pl n
( Brit ) close-fitting breeches worn in Ireland
Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition.
Just what exactly is ‘trouse’?
It’s a word that’s been buzzing about the clubosphere and most recently it appeared on a a certain club’s FB page in the guise of a mix by a mysterious entity called the Trouse Brothers. Of course, I have to investigate. 
Is it a new form of music where you dance wearing Irish trousers? Perhaps.
Dance music made in a trailer (a term utilized in the real estate appraisal industry to describe a trailer which has been added onto and may or may not resemble a site built home–Urban Dictionary)? Maybe.
After much research (with help from Kurt CTDK), I discovered that ‘trouse’ actually is a combination of ‘house’ and ‘trance’. Oh, the horror. How can someone murder my beloved house music and fuse it with trance?? Taking trance with its hypnotic melodies and vocals that most of the time reeks of cheese and blending it with soul-rific four-to-floor house music is just plain wrong.
Apparently, its championed by none other than the new Prince of Trouse himself, Tiesto. And, it will appear on the dance-floor this February with two resident DJs having the honor of DJing as the Trouse Brothers–promising ‘a night of dirty beats/fidget electro and TROUSE!’ (I cringe every time I type this dreaded word.)
Maybe punters here need something new and trouse may just be it.
Only time will tell. 
With that, I’ll leave you with the Trouse Brothers promo mix.
Listen at your own peril. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Trouse Promo Mix by 2TrouseBrothers