SCENE: Six predictions for DJing in 2011

So what do you think the future hold for DJing as we step into the new year?
The much-loved and DJ tool du jour the Technics SL-1200 has already ceased production much to the dismay of vinyl heads, thus pushing DJs to the laptops and other digital tools. 
Already DJs are using MP3s with tools such as Ableton Live, Final Scratch, Serato and the like because of its portability and versatility. Digital DJing Tips gazes into its crystal ball and sees four decks, increased use of Ableton Live and more touchscreens taking hold during DJ booths in the coming year.
Here are the key points: 
1. It will be the year of 4 decks
2. Non-computer DJing will become less popular
3. Ableton will become more attractive to DJs
4. The touchscreen will make more inroads into DJing
5. DJing will become more visual
6. Digital DJing will become more accepted
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