UPCOMING: Global SoundCloud Meetup Day–Singapore Edition

For the bedroom jock, wannabe producer and freeloading audiophile, online music platform SoundCloud serves as the perfect tool to test out new tunes, mixes or just to discover that next big hit. 
To get users out of their bedrooms to gather and pow wow, the music platform-slash-social network created a SoundCloud Meetup Day which was first held on Feb 9 last year. Thousands of users in every city met up and talked shop about music and music making and this year some cool cats are organizing one here.
To be held at Home Club on Feb 3, 10pm, the SoundCloud Meetup Day–Singapore Edition is possibly the earliest meetup date (pushed forward due to CNY. LOL). Participants can look forward to impromptu jam sessions, create and record music and then share it to like-minded users worldwide. And of course, there will be goodies.
For SoundCloud noobs, there’s a bunch of cool apps that you can download to be well on your way to your next hit.
Just register at this link.
And here’s a cool mix from one of the organizers.

Clash The Disko Kids – Anti-Anti Dec/Jan 2011 Mix by clashthediskokids