Nightlife on the loose

So much happens after hours in this city.
Bars open and close, DJs come and go, and new bands form and fall apart almost every day. It’s pretty much impossible to fit everything worth noting into the IS+ entertainment section on Fridays.
Hence this blog helmed by none other than our Men About Town (Terry Ong, Zul Andra and myself) which will be a home for nightlife, music and event news of note that might not normally get mentioned in the rest of the magazine. Here, we’ll also answer your nightlife and music questions and share tips on where to go out for dancing, live jazz, drink specials, indie rock, ladies’ nights or artists or events to check out. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment.
Maybe we’ll see you out this weekend.
, Nightlife on the loose
It’s just another day at the office.
To kick things off, cocktail bar Klee closes for the time being. We hear that they’re looking for a bigger space for a full-kitchen–citing customers’ feedback. People!! Don’t you know the saying about not fixing things that is not broken?! Klee is a bespoke cocktail bar, a top-notch one at that. If you want to eat, go to a restaurant. Well, the owners said that the new concept will be about pairing cocktails with bespoke dining. Although I’m quite disappointed with the closure, no matter how temporary.. I am curious to see what’s next.
A new cocktail bar, Nektar has just opened at 31 Scotts Road. That’s near The Song of India. Although it’s quite a walk from the main Orchard stretch, I personally think the concept fits the speakeasy-bespoke-cocktail bar concept quite well.
Silk makes way for Aura. Yes, Silk that ‘luxe’ dance club opened by the people behind Momo. I’m not really sure what the concept of Aura is but judging from the dodgy logo, it might be one of those tourist man-traps. If you guys happen to swing by, do drop me a note to give me the lowdown.