ZoukOut According to Terry Ong

A great hipster once said that the surefire way of having a good time at a party is to pre-arrange your way back home safely. But at the risk of sounding like a party whore, I’d say that the best way to enjoy a party is to park yourself with the right people at the right spots.
Before all the chicken dance shenanigans that I displayed for six straight hours, I was having my pre-ZoukOut drink at Tanjong Beach Club with cool couple T ‘n’ T (we get on like a house on fire), R and DJ H who proudly displayed his new Missoni trunks (which I mistook for Bossini, sorry). We topped up on our whiskeys by the truckload (T was paying, after all) before panic struck when we realized that Lindstrom was going to hit the decks at 11pm. We arrived just before the man took over the decks, moving to his decidedly cool minimal techno beats and admiring his sexy, messy locks—oh, yeah. Party queen A was there along with posse J—we proudly braved the pouring rain during Booka Shade’s thumping set; totally worth it.
The rest of the posses were at the Localize aka VIP tent—cool French chick J was sending out good vibes with her hand moves; L was there strutting her stuff in her toga-inspired outfit and slutty party boy D was doing his rounds, enjoying the cool grooves dished out by the local boys. Aaaaaaaah, t’was a great night out before my pre-booked limo promptly arrived at 5am—I think I did well.