The good news? Prices are kept affordable, starting from $78 per bottle

Now considered one of the best Grower Champagne producers around, artisan Champagne label Vilmart & Cie has landed in Singapore, introducing its heritage and impeccable taste to avid bubbly lovers.

Arriving just in time for the holiday season, the launch is also made possible thanks to distributor Malt & Wine Asia Singapore.

Having amassed practically a cult following, locals are welcome to try the estate-bottled range of sparkling wines which offer that distinctive Vilmart style—presenting body, fruit and subtlety.

Another hallmark of Vilmart Champagnes is the absence of malolactic fermentation. After 10 months of vinification in wooden barrels, the wine is bottled and left to age in the estate’s chalk cellars: three to four years for non-vintage Champagnes, and five to eight years for vintages.


For the non-vintage range, experience the Grand Reserve and Grand Cellier, both of which are aged in large oak barrels, to give roundness, fruitiness and a subtle woody note.

The sybarite can also go for the luxurious Grand Cellier d’Or and Coeur de Cuvees. These are made from at least 50-year-old vines, composed of 80 percent Chardonnay and 20 percent Pinot Noir. In fact, the Grand Cellier d’Or is aged for a total of four years, while the Coeur de Cuvees, for a total of six.

The good news? Champagne Vilmart & Cie is keeping its prices low, perfect for those on a budget this festive period. The range starts at a mere $78, with the priciest option going for $308.

Just learn more about the Champagne brand and what it has to offer here.