For folks who enjoy the complex flavours alcohol provides, but without the hangovers

Whether it’s for health or safety reasons, there’s no shame in avoiding alcohol. During times when you’d prefer going for an alcohol-free drink, try these following few non-alcoholic spirits and beers. Besides being suitable for any and every occasion, you’ll also be able to remain sober and alert while enjoying them, and that’s a huge plus. Bottoms up!

Carlsberg Alcohol Free Beers

These libations by Danish brewery Carlsberg are alcohol-free creations set to be game-changers. Created with not more than 0.5% ABV (making them technically alcohol-free), these Pilsners and Wheat beers are also meant to go well with food, making them great pairing options. The refreshing and lager-like Pilsner should pair perfectly with meats, while the easy-drinking Wheat beer will work well with seafood. Both are now available at convenience stores, major supermarkets and hypermarkets islandwide.

Heineken 0.0

Health conscious folks who wish to live a little, this one’s for you. A low-calorie, non-alcoholic beverage that can be consumed anywhere and at any time, the Heineken 0.0 boasts fruity notes as well as a slightly malty flavour. That quintessential Heineken taste stays too, so you won't know the difference between this and the actual beer. Just grab these for the fam at major supermarkets and convenience stores islandwide.

Lyre’s Spirit Co

Named after the Australian lyrebird that’s known for its ability to mimic sounds, Lyre’s and its full range of non-alcoholic spirits has arrived in Singapore. Unlike most non-alcoholic spirit replacements, no distillation process is used in the making of its products. Instead, the blending of natural essences and extracts take centrestage here. Try one of Lyre’s best selling products, the Dry London Spirit, that’s best used as a gin replacement in the making of a classic G&T. Or, if you prefer bourbon, choose the American Malt. Find any of their 13 variants at the Marketplace or select Cold Storage outlets.

McGuigan Zero 

Free from alcohol, full in flavour—that’s the McGuigan Zero promise. A non-alcoholic range by major Aussie wine label McGuigan Wine, the drinks in the new selection are made with state-of-the-art spinning cone technology. That not only removes the alcohol content from wines, but it also ensures that the flavour and texture of wines are not compromised. Just try the McGuigan Zero Sparkling for a fruity and well-balanced glass of wine, best savoured alongside refreshing dishes like salad and seafood appetisers. There’s also the Chardonnay and Shiraz; the former offers peach and vanilla notes, while the latter pairs perfectly with steak and tomato-based dishes thanks to its flavour profiles of sweet berries. All available at select Cold Storage outlets islandwide. 


The first Asia-made non-alcoholic aperitif doesn't disappoint, showcasing the region's abundant botanicals, spices and other flavourful ingredients (26 of them) in each beautifully adorned bottle. Each specially selected ingredient goes through a cold-extraction process to reap maximum goodness and flavour from them. The extracts are then hand-blended right here in Singapore, being produced in small batches at a time. Use it to make a spritz, a highball, or even mixed with alcohol if you're so inclined. It's available online or at shops like Little Farms and Temple Cellars.


Isn't non-alcoholic wine just juice? Proving you wrong is Non, a wine-alternative label started by an ex-Noma chef in Australia. Offering all the complexity and nuances found in the world of wines, Non is great for those seeking powerful flavour profiles even during the day or when it's a non-drinking night. The Caramelised Pear & Kombu is citrusy and saline and pairs well with cheese, while the Roast Beetroot and Sansho is as close as you'll get to an actual sparkling Shiraz. Get their range of non-alcoholic wines from shops like Temple Cellars.


Offering top quality distilled non-alcoholic spirits is English label Seedlip, with its nature-inspired options that are as enticing as they look. Well-known for the Seedlip Garden 108, this one is described as a floral blend of peas and homegrown hay with garden herb distillates. But also check out the Seedlip Spice 94 that will surprise you with its citrus finish. Find their range of products at stores like Temple Cellars.