Featuring specially crafted cocktails that spotlight Campari, the world-famous Italian bitter

Bringing the age-old Italian aperitivo culture to Singapore, the legendary Camparino in Galleria kicked off the Singapore leg of their first Camparino in Galleria Asia Tour at Jigger & Pony – a proud local watering hole that won the illustrious Asia’s Best Bar 2021 award.



Showcasing the wonders of Campari – which gets its name from its creator – Camparino in Galleria’s head bartender Tommaso Cecca and Saverio Casella immerse guests in the culture and rituals of Milan’s aperitivo scene with craft cocktails made using the famous bitter.



A charismatic classic, Campari’s recipe remains unchanged since its origination in 1860, boasting some of the richest bitter notes in the world. Its iconic vibrant red colour, intense aroma, and bright flavour have brought it worldwide fame as an icon of Italian style and excellence, and is now found as a base for some of the most popular cocktails around the world.

Specially for the event, guests got to enjoy unique cocktails such as the La Ragazza in Treno, an unusual Negroni twist with a touch of Frangelico and strawberry, Silk Road, a cocktail that pairs Chinese Bai Jiu with Campari Cask Tales in celebration of Camparino in Galleria’s first Asia Tour, and Clearly Orange, a clarified reinterpretation of the classic Campari Orange with powerful bursts of citrus notes.



Having attained an undisputed status as a leading global icon in the beverage and mixology industry, Camparino in Galleria tirelessly dedicates themselves to presenting and preserving the art and prestige of authentic Italian drinking experiences, representing the heart of Italian culture, most recently also winning the 27th spot on the World’s 50 Best Bars in 2021.


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