Carpark bar The Great Escape is closing and they want you to be a part of their last shebang

We were elated, overjoyed even when The Great Escape opened three years ago back in the September of 2015. Hidden in an open-air alcove on the 5th floor of Golden Mile Tower is this charmingly ramshackled space that became a haven for all you wild childs out there. There were no fancy lounge chairs nor bespoke craft cocktails, yet people kept coming back—good vibes and a sense of belonging kept the place going strong.

Now, they’ve announced that they will operate their last come Sep 30 (their lease wasn’t renewed), and they want all you people to be a part of their parting blowout. It’s sad, we know. But rather than fight a meaningless fight, they’re going out with a bang by having everyone contribute a piece of themselves via an open call for keepsake. It’s being organized by the peeps behind art collective WeJungle. “Share your experiences with us, photos, voice recordings, videos, drunken ramblings, thoughts, emotions, that you had that one day/night. All is acceptable, the glam and the unglam,” reads their Facebook post. These contributions will then be pieced together to form an installation work.

To submit something, head down to The Great Escape between Sep 14-30, where you can then get more info from the staff or brochures lying around. And of course, have a swig or two while you’re there; there won’t be many chances left.

Whatever you do, make sure to mark down Sep 30 on your calendar, for their final party, The Last Escape! is set to be the mother of all carpark revelries. Done with their pals Ice Cream Sundays, expect a solid line-up of DJs, yummy grub like chilli dogs and jerk chicken, plus lotsa booze being let go for cheap. Remember to leave a donation as you enter, where all proceeds will go towards the artists, DJs, chefs and others who helped put this one last shindig together. To quote The Great Escape quoting Prince in 1999: “But life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last.”

Stay tuned to their official Facebook page, their 1999 X The Great Escape open call event page, and The Last Escape! final party page for the latest. Also, check out footage of The Great Escape in our recent video on the most unique drinking spots in town.