The I-S Guide to Cheap Champagne

Champagne shouldn’t just be saved for celebrations, and we are strong advocates for its regular consumption. We’re not saying this is necessarily top-shelf stuff, though some if it is damn fine. But it’s Champagne with a capital c, none of that sparkling wine of dubious origins. And did we mention it’s cheap? Read on.

Under $80

The Black Swan

We couldn’t do this list without including what is arguably the best Champagne pairing: oysters. The aphrodisiacs are served together every weekday from 5-7:30pm during the happy hour here. For $21, you get a glass of Champagne and two freshly-shucked oysters. We did the math and it turns out that drinking a bottle worth of bubbly by the glass is still cheaper than their entry-level bottle of Perrier-Jouet that goes for $150.

Le Petit Navire

Their wide variety of Champagnes below $100 astounds us. A mere $68 gets you a bottle of Jean Vesselle Prestige Grand Cru, while G.H. Mumm goes for $78, and it’s $98 for Veuve Clicquot. What!

O Batignolles

Every Wednesday, this hip French bistro hosts Call Me Bubbles where bottles of Yveline Prat go for $55 (and glasses for $10). Oh and ladies, if you are a group of four, you get a bottle for nada.

The Pump Room

This microbrewery doesn’t just have suds going for it, but also the other form of liquid gold. $150 gets you not one, but two bottles of G.H. Mumm–that’s only $75 per bottle.

Wine Connection

All wine lovers know that this is the place to imbibe vino on the cheap. On top of that, they also have an extensive list of Champagne that starts from $60 for a bottle of Drappier Carte d’Or. Combine that with some al fresco tapas and cheese platters and you will have struck a gold mine indeed.


Indulge in Italian dishes, admire the 270-degree view from Ocean Financial Centre and get their house Champagne at $75 on Saturdays.

Under $100


This Clarke Quay live entertainment stalwart doesn’t just stop at live music and generic booze. Every Wednesday from 10pm and Saturday from 10:30pm, ladies enjoy a bottle of G.H. Mumm Brut for $98–great booze to sip while enjoying the club’s fusion fare.

PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill

This joint has nailed the whole atmosphere thing, and as icing on the cake, they’ve introduced Truffle Thursdays. What better way to fuel your bubbly evenings than with an equally luxe ingredient? $88 gets you a bottle of Veuve Clicquot while you binge on everything truffle.


This chill cafe has always been known for its modern and affordable take on comfort food. On weekdays from 2:30-6:30pm, pair your nosh with a $85 bottle of Henri Giraud Esprit de Giraud Brut NV and you even get a complimentary chef’s choice cheese platter.

Under $120


If you’re not into commercial labels, head to this intimate cocktail bar, the first in the world to stock artisanal Champagne label JM Labruyere. With only 60,000 bottles produced every year, the luxe Labruyere rivals some of the best Champagne houses when it comes to taste and is only $110 a bottle (or $24/glass).