The Council is about to ramp up Singapore’s nightlife scene with a new club you never knew you needed

It seems like the powers that be have heard your calls. Singapore’s nightlife scene is about to get a brand new pop-up club that’s adorably named Tuff Club—the first of its kind in Singapore—courtesy of The Council (the same peeps behind underground music joint Headquarters and pop-up party series Plastik Dreams).

While many have criticized the scene here to lack imagination and creativity, and is ultimately “boring” because of the absence of fun alternatives to the mega clubs we know, few have gone above and beyond to make a change; which, in our opinion, is much better than having none. We can easily name a few off the top of our heads who’ve put in 200% just so Singaporeans can enjoy a nightlife we deserve, and obviously party people The Council is one of them.

Besides bringing international and regional acts to their underground home in Boat Quay, these guys have been tirelessly putting together regular sunset disco parties on the rooftop of that corner building on the fork of Lorong Telok and Circular Road, thrown some of the sickest raves in venues you never knew existed, surprised everyone with a rooftop carpark gig and turned one of the warehouses in Tanjong Pagar Distripark on Keppel Road into a multi-sensory music soiree for the club kids.

And now, this. The name Tuff Club is a cheeky nod to TAF (Trim and Fit) Club, a horrible weight loss program with good intentions to curb child obesity in primary and secondary school back in the early ’90s to the late 2000s; which obviously had unforeseen outcomes like creating a stigma against these unassuming kids.

By day, the venue for Tuff Club is actually a Chinese restaurant in the CBD where you can work your way through Cantonese dishes like salt-baked chicken and pork buns. And by night, that’s where the fun begins. The Council wants to create a lively space that pulls the focus back to what really matters—the music, and not indulgent bottle services that seem to have inherently taken over the current climate of club culture today. Eileen Chan, one of the peeps behind The Council, said that “it’ll be a fun one (and) not so serious like Headquarters”.

Details are still up in the air at the moment, but going by all their parties and a statement that goes “It’s leg day everyday at Tuff Club, so why run when you can dance?”, we have no doubt that it’s going to be a blast when they reveal the music program and actual set up next month.