Create and take home your own bottle of gin at Singapore’s first gin school

If you’ve ever wanted to craft and personalise your own bottle of gin, now you can. Opened by Singapore’s first micro-distillery, Brass Lion Distillery, this first and only local gin school here will be launching this National Day long weekend.

Conducted by Brass Lion’s expert instructors, Gin School is essentially an intimate two-hour session that’ll take participants through the entire process of crafting and distilling the juniper-based alcohol. After being treated to a refreshing welcome beverage that exemplifies the use and taste of the brand’s well-loved local gins, dive right into customising your desired gin profile and create your own recipe with the wide variety of ingredients available, including fresh botanicals grown in-house. A personal guide booklet will also be provided to feed you some knowledge about tools and key botanicals required, as well as some recipes to use as references.

, Create and take home your own bottle of gin at Singapore’s first gin school

Then, get acquainted with the distillation process as you’ll be equipped with your own mini copper still (a similar and smaller version of their custom-made copper still Nala, which you can see in action at the distillery), and distil your gin with the help of the pro-distillers.

Before bottling up your creation at the end of the session, enjoy the fruits of your labour by having a G&T with your newly distilled gin. And feel free to raise questions about distillation and consult your hosts if you’re unsure what should go into your gin, so you leave their premises with newfound knowledge and a greater appreciation for the craft.

If you’ve visited Brass Lion before and enjoyed their distillery tours, or simply went there for drinks at their bar, you’ll still definitely want to return for this one-of-a-kind experience.

Brass Lion Distillery’s Gin School will launch Aug 9-11, with 2pm sessions. Subsequent sessions will be conducted on Sundays at 2pm. Book a session for $198 here.