Crossroads Brewing Co to open microbrewery and live music venue at Clarke Quay

It’s the end of an era for an institution, one known for being among the first in Singapore to offer freshly brewed beer on-site at a bar (before Level33, Little Island and even RedDot), especially in an area better known for its nightclubs and party drinks.

Opened in 2006 at Clarke Quay was The Pump Room. At a time when some of us still weren’t of legal drinking age, this bad boy was already brewing a legacy. From their best-selling Pump Room Lager to the fruity and refreshing Golden Ale, the tanks at Pump Room was always, well, pumping.

Couple the good drinking with rockin’ bands like Raz Nat1on and Jive Talkin belting out sick beats, and you got yourself a good time. Granted, the place was often a tad crowded and a little too rowdy. Through we think that was also part of the charm.

Now, more than 12 years since it tapped its first pint, the venue has closed, and will be reopening officially as The Crossroads on Sep 7, under new management (since May 1) by local craft beer brand Crossroads Brewing Co. You’ve probably come across some of their brews before, like their flagship Craft Lager and the Golden Ale, at bars around Singapore.

, Crossroads Brewing Co to open microbrewery and live music venue at Clarke Quay

In fact, if you’ve been to The Pump Room in recent months, they’ve already switched the taps to offer Crossroads Brewing Co beers, while still keeping to the old venue’s name. So if you miss the ol’ Pump Room, it’s already too late to check it out. Still, we’re optimistic Crossroads will be able to more than fill the void.

On its 20 new taps will be their core range of beers and seasonal brews made on-site, plus guest tap offerings by other craft beer breweries. They’re keeping the live music performances too, with ambitions that The Crossroads will become the top music venue at Clarke Quay when it opens.

The Crossroads will open Sep 7 at #01-09/10 The Foundry, 3B River Valley Rd.