Drink Smart at Chupitos Bar

If you are ever in Chupitos Bar (#01-02B 3 River Valley Rd) in Clarke Quay, you may have noticed a strange looking contraption by the entrance. No, its not a drinks dispenser but rather a self-help kiosk for those of you who may have too much too drink. Comprising a breathalyser, as well as informative materials and a plastic sleeve where you can hold your driver’s license as well as the name and contact a ‘designated driver.
The self-help kiosk is part of a Drink Smart initiative by beverage giant Pernord Ricard which stresses on the importance of responsible driving as well as hopes to drive home the responsible drinking message across to consumers at a more personal level.
The self-help kiosk is now only located at Chupitos Bar and according to a Pernod Ricard spokesperson there are plans to increase its presence around local nightspots.