Singapore’s first ever Craft Beer Week to take place on October 22-28

Beer was banned at last week’s Diner en Blanc; apparently it just didn’t suit their snobby set-up. That’s their loss—beer’s where the drinking world’s real innovation and excitement can be found right now. Proof of that comes in the form of the just-announced, inaugural Singapore Craft Beer Week, taking place island-wide from October 22-28.
Organized by Charles Guerrier, ex of Jibiru and now with Evolve, the event seeks to celebrate craft beer culture and educate anyone who still thinks beer stops with lukewarm lager.
They plan to get more than 100 brewpubs, bars and restaurants on board, and their tentative schedule includes events ranging from beer tastings and brewery tours to daytime BBQs, home-brewing seminars and even an Extreme Beer Evening (likely featuring beers from, among others, BrewDog, which launches at Old Empire Gastrobar next week). Featuring craft brews from both local and international brewers, the hope is that this becomes a regular fixture on the calendar (it’s already a popular concept in the US). Cheers to that!
The website isn’t up and running yet; but check back here regularly for more details.