Cocktail bar Hopscotch has found a new home at Gillman Barracks

Remember that hyperlocal cocktail bar, by the folks behind Mixes from Mars, found at the outdoor porch area of Red Dot Traffic Building? If you do, that’s great, because you must have been one of those who were saddened when Hopscotch closed last year. Well cheer up, because we’re as happy as you are now that they’ve settled into a new home in arts enclave Gillman Barracks.

They’ve taken over the space formerly occupied by Red Baron (who in turn have moved to The Projector as Intermission Bar), and from what we can tell so far from their soft opening on May 19, we’re pretty sure you can expect the same ol’ creative, locally-themed cocktails that will make you go: “Wow, how did they even think of that?!”

According to their revived Facebook page, they’ll also start serving proper food items like grilled flank steak and roasted pork belly starting May 23. Time to head over and have a boozy iced milo or cereal prawn cocktail before the crowds descend upon the place.