Local microbrewery Jungle Beer launches all-new low-alcohol Hula beers on February 4

If you’re looking for a tasty, light beer option, then you’ll want to get your hands on all-new Hula beers launching on February 4, care of local brewer Jungle Beer.

The good folks have brewed up their very first batch of low-alcohol suds, Hula, ideal for outdoor events like picnics or BBQs. At just 2.1 percent ABV, these babies come in flavors like fruity açaí (made with the hard-to-find açaí berries from Brazil) and zingy calamansi. They’re also looking to introduce flavors such as pomegranate and jasmine tea by the end of March.

Get your hands on them now by emailing [email protected] or stay tuned for a list of watering holes and bottle shops that will be carrying the goods.