Campari will also be unveiling a new product

It comes as no surprise that yet another calendar event in the alcohol scene is taking to the digital realm. The annual Negroni Week, a week-long affair dedicated to the eponymous classic Italian cocktail, is going fully virtual this year, given ongoing pandemic restrictions worldwide.

Still, there's much fun to be had at Negroni Week 2020, taking place Sep 14-20 this year for its sixth edition in Singapore.

First off, many of our favourite bars will still be coming up with their own riffs of the Negroni as part of the event, which you are welcome to purchase for takeaway or delivery.

Over at Manhattan, find the Polem Negroni ($24 for 100ml bottle), a well-balanced Negroni mixed with a dash of Bergamot Liqueur for a refreshing citrus finish. Or try the Cured Negroni ($60 for 375ml bottle) at Barbary Coast for an utterly complex twist on the classic that's packed with umami, earthy and saline notes. Other bars involved include Publico, Shin Gi Tai and Smoke & Mirrors, among many others.

Negroni Week always had a charitable element to it, and this year is no exception. In fact, it has become more important than ever. This time, they're teaming up with Majulah Movement, a homegrown donation platform that enables the public to purchase meals and care packs for those most affected by Covid-19.

Each $10 donation will go towards covering the cost of one to two meals or a snack pack that goes directly to support beneficiaries in need. This charity portion of Negroni Week extends beyond Sep 20 too, till the end of the month, so that more can be done for the cause.

In line with the virtual nature of the event and bottling of cocktails for drinking at home, Campari, the Italian aperitif that's a key ingredient in the making of a Negroni, has launched a bottled cocktail product as well, just in time for Negroni Week.

It's called the Campari Negroni RTE (ready-to-enjoy), and is being sold in Singapore on RedMart and at selected Cold Storage outlets in 500ml bottles for $45.

And if you're looking for booze-infused sweet treats to be enjoyed, Campari has also partnered with chocolatier Benns Ethicoa to create a special flavoured box of Negroni Bon Bons to raise funds for charity.

They come in two different flavours (classic or bianco), and 10% of all proceeds goes to supporting the aforementioned Majulah Movement. Campari will also pledge a donation of $1 for every box sold.

There'll be a Lazada Live session come Sep 16, 6pm, where Campari brand ambassador David Yeung and guest bartender Ong Jun Han of Da Paolo Dempsey will be teaming up to unveil the Campari Negroni RTE.

They'll also be teaching you how to make a classic Negroni at home and reveal more about Negroni Week 2020’s charity initiatives.

So mark your calendars and prep your best drinking pals people—a whole week of Negroni imbibing awaits.

Find out more about Negroni Week 2020 and make your charitable contributions here.