New bar alert: Stay Gold Flamingo is opening its doors at Amoy Street

On Sep 2, at a vibrant pop-up, Jerrold Khoo and Bai JiaWei, offered Singapore a taste of their new bar: Stay Gold Flamingo. Hosted at No Sleep Club, the dynamic duo showcased their bartending pizazz for a one-night-only preview.

You know these talented mixologists: Khoo was the former head bartender at Jigger & Pony, while Bai comes from Employees Only. The two have joined forces in a confluence of Japanese-style cocktail philosophy and American-influenced bartending—adding more sparkle to the Amoy buzz.

, New bar alert: Stay Gold Flamingo is opening its doors at Amoy Street

The shining star from their soon-to-launch menu? The emerald green spirit, absinthe.

Intro to Absinthe ($23), an inviting herbaceous tipple, offers anise notes of absinthe mixed with earl grey and coconut, granting a savoury, balanced and refreshing drink.

Absinthe appears again in the multi-dimensional Sazerac ($23), where it is used to coat the glass, before adding whisky or cognac. In this rendition, both spirits share the limelight in equal measure. The result is a stiff drink, reminiscent of an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Also on the menu is the Wild, Fresh Sawa ($23), crafted with Botanist gin, yuzu, camomile basil syrup and garnished with a single basil leaf, from Bai’s herb garden. From the classic section, the stalwart Whisky Sour ($23) is smooth and balanced.

Stay Gold Flamingo will be a dual-concept bar that seats 120. The Stay Gold section will present cocktails, while Flamingo will be perfect for coffee and low alco-tipples. The bar is scheduled to open on Sep 24.

More information available here.

A version of this story first appeared on Epicure