Newly-launched and seasonal craft beers to get your hands on

New beers, new reasons to drink. Well, more like an excuse to pop a cold one open, whatever the occasion. These are tough times friends, and what simpler way to soothe our souls than with a rewarding pint of craft beer had in good company. Drink quality, appreciate the little things, and here’s a toast to better days to come.


, Newly-launched and seasonal craft beers to get your hands on

The brainchild of three brothers(in-laws), CraftBrothers is formed with one mission in mind—to bring to our shores and to showcase more Australian craft beer labels in Singapore. According to them, less than 2% of Australian craft beverages are being exported right now, and they’re hoping to change that, one local brewery at a time. They’ve only recently launched here and with three brewery partners: ShedShaker Brewing, Bright Brewery and Bootleg Booch. From never-before-seen craft beers in Singapore to alcoholic kombuchas—in case you want to switch things up—they’ve got them in stock. Get ’em online here.

Off Day Canvas

, Newly-launched and seasonal craft beers to get your hands on

If beer was a blank canvas and hops are to a brewer what paint is to an artist, then it stands to reason that brewing is an artform. That’s what the folks at Off Day Beer Company believes, and their new beer series, Canvas, will be putting both hops and art in the spotlight. Each month for 12 months starting September 2020, expect a new IPA release named after varieties of hops. From the second month on, each 500ml can of beer will also be designed by a different local artist, resulting in a fully-formed range of beers and can designs come September 2021. Their first beer is already out—the Canvas Cashmere/Citra, a New England IPA boasting a tropical fruit bomb of an aroma. A masterpiece could be birthed at any moment. Get ’em online here.

Sunbird Rose Oolong

, Newly-launched and seasonal craft beers to get your hands on

Just in time for Mid-Autumn Festival 2020, one of Singapore’s newest craft breweries, Sunbird Brewing Company, has launched a limited-edition brew that’s great on its own, but taken to the next level when paired with mooncakes. Their Rose Oolong Pale Ale is infused with hand-picked oolong tea leaves and crushed rose buds, imparting an intense, harmonious blend of flavours brimming with floral and tea notes. So for your upcoming mooncake-filled gatherings under the moonlight, try pairing your sweet treats with a refreshing craft beer instead. Get ’em online here.