Want a canjob? New snackbar Canjob Taproom lets you can your own drinks

Of all the services we could get out there, we’ve never thought we would ever request for a canjob. We didn’t even know what it was until recently, when Tiong Bahru snackbar Canjob Taproom opened for business (it’s at that row of shops at Link Hotel) and introduced us all to the wonders of getting a canjob.

At Canjob Taproom, what you’ll find are a range of craft beers, spirits and cocktails available on tap. Soju, sake, wine, ciders and mead are available too. While this already sets it apart from most bars in town, they’ve decided to take it one step further and allow customers to get their drinks canned for retail. Yes, canned, as in they’ve got a machine that seals aluminum cans filled with your choice of poison, which you can then easily bring home.

It’s not a gimmicky thing either. Canjob Taproom is serious about its drinks and prices are super decent, whether you’re having the drafts there or buying home. They’ve essentially given us one of those things we never asked for but we got anyway—and we’re not complaining. Plus if you’re hungry, there’s bratwurst hotdogs, meat pies and other bar bites to munch on too.

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