New Zealand’s 42BELOW vodka shares exclusive cocktail recipes for F1

The mixologists at 42BELOW have finally divulged their cocktail recipe secrets for September, just in time for F1.
With three new recipes that 42BELOW calls its own, the F2 Below range that includes the The True 42, Red Delicious, and 42 Buck, 42Below ensures everyone enjoys a refreshing tipple while riding on the buzz of the races.
The True 42 is a delicious lime drink with one whole lime and two parts vodka, the Red Delicious includes 42BELOW Kiwi, apple liqueur, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and lime zest, and the 42 Buck includes five parts ginger ale or ginger beer and one part vodka, including one whole lemon.
F2 Below is available at your local Cold Storage for $69.85. Drink up, folks.