The only guide you’ll possibly need for a great night out in Singapore is here

We keep saying that the nightlife scene in Singapore is getting more exciting, but every year it never disappoints. Refuge is back after a brief closure, CATO and Headquarters by the Council has really upped their game and fancy joints Cherry Discotheque and VLV have come to conquer. A trio of bars has done Singapore’s cocktail scene a great deal, appearing at spots 11 (Manhattan), 14 (28 HongKong Street) and 21 (Operation Dagger) on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. A few new microbreweries and new bars also get a mention, but what was especially exciting this year was the growth of the alternative party scene: pool parties, block parties, silent discos, an outdoor electro music festival, excellent bar food and so much more.

To make sure we’ve touched on even the smallest of trends and venues, we’ve reformatted the guide: instead of dozens of lists, we’ve given you 21 reasons why Singapore’s nightlife is awesome. From checking out our world-class cocktail bars to having tipples with a view, it’s all in here. Download your free guide here.