Say hello to Singapore’s newest microbreweries

Has there ever been a better time to be a beer lover in Singapore? If a calendar packed with beer events and an ever-expanding list of beer bars isn’t enough to quench your thirst, you’ve now got two new local microbreweries to get acquainted with. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Innocence Brewing

Who they are: With appearances at Craft Singapore and Beerfest Asia under their belt, Innocence Brewing has already begun reaching out to craft beer fans. Based in Jurong, they aim to create brews that are light enough for Singapore’s heat and humidity without scrimping on flavor.
What to try: Innocence currently makes two beers, Summer Wheat and Midnight Roast Coffee Pale Ale. The latter is a great example of what they’re trying to bring to the local scene. Coffee-infused brews are nothing new, but they’re typically heavy stouts and porters. Here you have something crafted to be refreshing and sessionable.
Where to try it: Midnight Roast is currently available for $12 a pint at Smith Street Taps.

Crossroads Brewing Company

First draft of our new can design, coming this fall to a bar near you. What do you think?

Posted by Crossroads Brewing Company Singapore on Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Who they are: Crossroads in name, crossroads in philosophy. This new microbrewery wants to find a mid-point between old and new, and mainstream and adventurous. They’re not going for big, over-the-top beers, they’re more interested in accessible styles that offer more originality and better quality than their macrobrewed counterparts.
What to try: So far, Crossroads has served up their Pilsner, Summer Ale and Steam Ale.
Where to try it: We’ve seen their beers pouring at TAP, Owls Brew, Drinks & Co and Malthouse where a 16oz glass costs $13.