The best bars, clubs, events and brands in Singapore, according to you

Write drunk, edit sober—drink writers toss this phrase around a lot.

It’s almost always said in jest to take jibes at how creative writing is oftentimes done better while tipsy, even though plenty of sober editing may be required later. In the process of writing this guide however, that phrase has never been more true.

The Singapore nightlife scene has proliferated so much that we find ourselves constantly drinking in the name of work (someone’s gotta do it). While we insist on checking out every single spot in town, sometimes we do miss out. That’s why, with our annual SG Nightlife awards and guide, we rely on you to tell us what you think is best. Entries are all voted in by the public, sweet and simple.

Yet we don’t want to just give out another cookie cutter award. With this accolade, we seek to cover a sore gap in the market by appreciating all of Singapore’s nightlife, and not just mixology (no matter how sexy it is). That’s why we have categories that range from snazzy craft beer joints to ratchet dive bars, banging nightclubs to brimming bottle shops. We raise our glasses to them all.

In our 2020 edition, we’ve even added a new “Best Local Distillery or Brewery” category, to help galvanize the nascent, but ever-so-important area in the world of alcohol. What’s more important than actually making them, right? And to do so in Singapore is such an uphill task (thanks taxman) that only a handful of people have successfully done so. Kudos to them, we say.

So cheers everyone, and read on—time to slake that thirst.

SG Nightlife 2020 is out now.