Singapore’s newest alcohol label is a celebration of Southeast Asian flavours

Gin seems to be the spirit of choice when it comes to local brands launching a new alcohol label here in Singapore. And if you, like us, are fans of the juniper spirit, then you’re in luck.

Singapore-based alcohol distributor Gain Brands International has debuted its own proprietary brand Soulsister Spirits, in celebration of five successful years as a company, as well as in recognition of the leading ladies who have founded the business, thus the name.

And the first product in this new line of theirs is the Soulsister Spirits Gin – Singapore Edition, a London Dry Gin that also celebrates all that’s delicious about Southeast Asian flavours.

Made in Singapore from a facility in Mandai, the gin is actually the work of local distiller Simon Zhao (in collaboration with the founders of Soulsister Spirits), who is known for producing spirits with an Asian twist. This gin is no different, boasting seven botanicals such as galangal, tamarind, lemongrass and kaffir lime, resulting in a spirit unlike most we find commercially.

, Singapore’s newest alcohol label is a celebration of Southeast Asian flavours

It’s produced through distillation in a copper and stainless steel combination still for a slower heating process by steam, resulting in a cleaner, more rounded bouquet of botanicals. The ingredients used are also first macerated in a stainless-steel tank for two weeks, and left to rest in a tank for further two weeks following distillation, allowing the botanicals to infuse even better.

And if you’re intending to purchase, for a limited time, know that 10 percent of sales of their gin hampers will be donated to local charity Daughters Of Tomorrow, which aims to support more than 25,000 women from low-income families in Singapore who are struggling to find and sustain a living.

The Soulsister Spirits Gin – Singapore Edition can be bought directly from their website as a single bottle ($69 for 500ml) or in gift boxes ($70.10-$80) that come together with a variety of Double Dutch Tonic Waters as well.

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