Toast to the upcoming festive season with Provence rosés

In the blink of an eye, the annual holiday season has arrived. And if you’re gearing up for toasts and exhilarating year-end festivities, then we’ve got the perfect pink drink for you: Vins de Provence rosés.

Rosé wines already have a stellar reputation as a fun, delicious and refreshing beverage, which makes it a front runner and strong contender for the title of best holiday tipple.

, Toast to the upcoming festive season with Provence rosés

But in case you need just a little more convincing, below, we share some fun facts and reasons why Vins de Provence rosés will suit any festive celebration—large or small.

Vins de Provence rosés are the best rosés around

, Toast to the upcoming festive season with Provence rosés

One of the world’s oldest wines, rosés have been made in the Provence region for thousands of years, 2,600 years, to be exact. A specialty of the distinguished French region, Provence and rosés are practically synonymous, as tourists from across the globe flock to the coastal area to have a taste of the finest wines. In fact, you must already know that these pink drinks are basically the benchmark against which all rosés are made.

Versatile and refreshing, you’ll never have to switch between drinks

, Toast to the upcoming festive season with Provence rosés

We’ll be the first to admit, getting guests to agree on drinks is never easy, and planning wine pairings can be a great hassle. But that’s the beauty of Vins de Provence rosés—alluring and all-pleasing—these tantalising bottles of pink are your answers to avoiding gruelling menu plannings and finding different drinks for different individuals.

Simply bust out your stash of Vins de Provence rosés. This way, you (and your guests) won’t have to switch between drinks because every glass will be as appealing as the last, and pairs perfectly with all kinds of eats and treats.

Vins de Provence Rosés pair deliciously with decadent Christmas menus as well

, Toast to the upcoming festive season with Provence rosés

Speaking of eats, Provence rosés will, without a doubt, enliven any Christmas dinner. And that’s all thanks to its very nature of being a multifaceted beverage. So whether you’re indulging in courses of seafood, turkey and pudding, or simply snacking on hors d’oeuvres, you’ll be able to sip on the wines just as well.

If you ask us, we’d even go so far as to say that a solid Christmas menu will bring out the flavours and nuances of Vins de Provence rosés perfectly. Just think ham, stuffing and fruitcake alongside a bold, medium-bodied rosé. Yum!

But most importantly, feel free to get creative in the kitchen like they do in the Provence wine region, where there are no preconceived ideas when it comes to consuming food and rosé together.

Vins de Provence Rosés are a celebration of love, friendship and happiness

, Toast to the upcoming festive season with Provence rosés

Ultimately, Vins de Provence Rosés are a delight because they celebrate the very best of life. These premium wines are made with love and care; the wineries pay attention to every single detail and aspect of the pink drink—from the grape varieties to the well-drained soils—to ensure what tipplers are getting will bring them joy and showcase the best France has to offer. Truly an ode to love, friendship and happiness, relish Vins de Provence Rosés with your loved ones to make this holiday season a very special one.