Partying in Singapore’s CBD: Which club is right for you

The CBD is full of spots for night owls. Depending on the kind of night you’re after, here are the clubs to head to for a night out on the town.

When you’re on the prowl…

Bang Bang

Name aside, the dance club in Pan Pacific hotel is full of hot girls and well-dressed lads. Everyone’s here to let loose, making it the perfect spot to strike up a casual conversation with the guy or girl you’ve been eye flirting with all night. Plus, the EDM and hip hop beats are something everyone can boogie down to.

Ku De Ta

The vertiginous club is famous for its breathtaking views of the city. But the people who party here are equally great to look at. With a glass of Champagne or high-end vodka in hand, it’s all about selfies with the city skyline…and the hot guy you “accidentally” bumped into. The music walks a fine line between club anthems and catchy sing-along throwbacks. Nothing like flirty bumps to the Macarena.

When you’re looking to gawk at fancy outfits…

Dom Lounge

Modeled after the nouveau riche Russian lifestyle, this plush club is all about dressing to the nines. When even the promoters are kitted out in popped collar suits, you know you have to put on your designer belt and sparkly dress. The clientele is full of pretty young things and their friends, so they’ll be the first to come up and tell you about how your outfit is “so in vogue”. 


This boutique club perched on the 50th floor of the Singapore Land Tower is swanky. The smaller space means that everything is kept exclusive and the patrons are well-heeled. If you head there on a weekday, expect high-flying (and well-dressed) execs who casually drop by for after-work drinks, but the weekends see a mixed crowd all ready to party.

When you’re feeling experimental…


The newish club at the space formerly occupied by Home Club is still every bit as alternative. While it’s great for a leisurely drink by the river, the club and arts space brings in edgy DJs like Goldie and Djuma Soundsystem to play a mix of genres spanning drum & bass to experimental techno. 


This underground club plays equally underground beats. Nothing is status quo about this place, DJs included. There are tons of boundary-pushing acts that deviate from the norm of EDM and house music. Instead, it’s all about multi-sensorial experiences and addictive snacks, too.

When money is no object…


The exclusive club is ideal for bottle service. There’s a minimum spend here but the booths are so comfy and exclusive that you won’t want to be queueing for drinks anyway. While the views from the 61st floor are world-class, the trippy neon decor, video installations and catchy music is ideal for a bottle popping night out.


No introduction needed for this OTT club in the Marina Bay Sands. Everything’s decked out in rare skins like alligator and ostrich, so you know you’re living the life of luxury here. Be prepared to make it rain (with Champagne, dollar bills, or both) and bump into the who’s who of the party circuit.