Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar (CM-PB)

The Buzz: Paying homage to Dempsey’s military roots, Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar—or CM-PB for short—is where you can fall in with other enlistees, recruits and veteran imbibers in a casual and laid-back atmosphere.

The Décor: Like most of Dempsey, CM-PB is ideal for the typical champagne swirling socialite or the beer chugging exec who likes to party or chillax in lush environs. Step in here and you’ll think you’re in some boutique hotel resort spa—outdoor timber decking, resort-like parasols, lounge rattan chairs and an island bar. It’s the perfect spot for a simple meal, a few rounds of beer or cocktails and a good chat.

The Drinks: Try its range of perfectly mixed mojitos, from the original and litchi to sake and granny smith apple ones. Martini fans will surely fall in love with its selection especially the affogato-inspired Kazpresso. Bottled beers go for $10 a pop while a glass of Cape Mentelle Cabernet Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc from Cloudy Bay is $16 each.

The Food: A delish array of modern Euro gastro-pub grub like indulgent foie gras burgers which comes with equally indulgent wagyu beef patties, the Japanese-themed CM-PB salad, yummy giant prawn tempuras and wagyu beef cubes. Plus, the bar even serves supper with different offerings like bak kut teh, herbal soups and pastas every night before closing. And get this … it’s on the house!

The Music: A contemporary melting pot of tunes from chill out house tunes from its resident jock to smooth acoustic rock from the likes of Zsa & Claire as well as Jack & Rai, just to name a couple of good ones.

Why You’ll Be Back: It’s a pleasant change of atmosphere from the usual Dempsey haunts. And you get free supper too.