Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar (CM-PB)

The Buzz: Paying homage to Dempsey’s military roots, Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar—or CM-PB for short—is where you can fall in with other enlistees, recruits and veteran imbibers in a casual and laid-back atmosphere. The Décor: Like most of Dempsey, CM-PB is ideal for the typical champagne swirling socialite or the beer chugging exec who likes […]

Fifth Season

Whoever thought that having a quiet Saturday brunch alone can be so enjoyable? Here’s the story: We woke up with a splitting headache after a crazy night of clubbing and decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal filled with carbs—lots if it. To wake us up from the dreadful state we’re in, something a […]


Not long ago, we reviewed Zento, the sushi restaurant run by Gunawan Wibisono, protégé of Japanese Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Well, it looks like Dempsey has gotten itself another Iron Chef alumnus—this time in the figure of Hiroki Yoshitake, who spent three years training under Hiroyuki Sakai (i.e. the French one) at his Tokyo restaurant, […]